Friday, November 14, 2008


We just came through a anniversary that I honestly didn't think we would live through.It was 1 yr ago in late Oct that we lost Timmy,Stonee,Bindi,Gracie,and Tess.We lost all 5 in a 5 day period of hell and I honestly didn't think I would live through it.Originally it was thought to be part of the pet food recall that was happening at the time but as I put 2 and 2 together it started to become a bit more clear.At the time there was a guy named Donald Lafrance who had already opened a "pet shop" in Kingsville about 45 miles outside Windsor and he had been shut down for sick and dying animals he was selling.His store was raided and shut down and court cases soon followed.He decided to open up here in Windsor about 6 blocks from my house.I have the rescue as most know and any of my cats aren't outdoor cats EVER.Adoption papers stipulate that also.He would accept adult cats for a fee of 50.00 each and kittens 20.00 each,turn around and sell for triple that amount without any medical care(which wasn't know at the time) and when they became older and unadoptable ones he would literally toss them out the back door.So residents of that immeadiate area soon noticed mega cats in the neighborhood and as a result disease was spread throughout the city actually.Seems kinda crazy but that's exactly what happened.So even though mine were indoor cats ,the disease was on anything outside that cats may touch when they were looking for food/shelter etc.One of my clients has indoor/outdoor cats,and I remember SO CLEARLY now looking at one of her cats sleeping in the kitchen looked exactly like Timmy and I bent down to pet him and that's where it started.Few days later Timmy all of a sudden got sick and took him to dr and was told give him a day and see and he died when I was holding him,he was one of MAMAs babies.And for the next 3 days we lost a total of 5 I honestly cant go into that yet I bawl for hours remembering it.But we were terrified of waking up each day and seeing another one sick.After wracking our brains out for weeks I spoke with John Rushbourne the head of Humane Society and we talked at length and put 2 and 2 together it all added up.They were finally able to shut him down here in Windsor but not before thousands of cats were infected and passed it onto others that then infect more and more etc,etc.Hes looking at jail time now and I heard few days ago he actually opened another one here and was shut down next day by courts.He called himself the Windsor Pet Rescue.I am really sick of people just taking the word" Rescue" and putting it out there when they aren't one.A rescue has vets 24/7 pets are vaccinated/fixed and tested for Feluke and many more diseases.Anyone not making sure all medical tests,vaccinations etc are CAT COLLECTORS(dogs also).This man did so much harm that will now continue for yrs to come,kittens born can carry this diseaes(panluke) for yrs and never show a sign.So please check all med records of any pet you want to adopt and make sure they are legally a rescue and they follow all the laws that go with it or you will be in for a world of heartbreak I know this because I lived through hell and I still panic at times and have become so much more aware of things.Never bring anything in that you see at curbside/alley etc,any outdoor toys(for the dog) stay outside because ANYTHING outdoors can have that hell on it.We are in middle of starting a small memorial in Timmys,Gracies,Stonees,Tess,Bindis memory of a pet blanket that is given to each each person that has to put a anmial down and wants to bury in own yard and even ones that don't,just a reminder that the pet they lost was loved.Blankets are cheap (1.00) with small paw prints all over them and warm fleecy material.We are going to set up donation jars in vets offices,pet stores etc just so we can supply alot of them when needed.Thanx Whisper