Friday, September 12, 2008

Andrew "Drew" Grenon

I have to commend all the police,firemen,legion members,politicians and the public that lined the 401 highway and over pass's for HUNDREDS of miles holding flags and saluting Andrews hearse (hate that word especially used for a 23 yr old) and his family and friends as they brought his body back to Windsor for burial .When the family arrived in Windsor they found Andrews friends,teachers and family members had a candle light vigil for him at the Peace Fountain here in Windsor and yellow ribbons tied all over the city trees.People were asked to wear school colors (St.Josephs.High School) or military color and bring white candles.I know there have been thousands killed over there but this hit hard here because Windsor is a peaceful city and this is our FIRST and hopefully our last.And to see people come out and support his family just as they did when we lost Windsors first and only police officer killed in the line of duty,to me its amazing how people can pull together at time when needed and makes me wonder why the world doesnt more often,,WHISPER

Remembering September 11, 2008-7th Anniversary

I woke up wanting to turn on the T.V and see a few memorials for September 11.But apparently over the years it has gotten forgotten about more and more and thats bullshit.I guess I do think the world should stop on Sept 11!!But for some reason around here the worst mayor in America Kwame Kilpatrick and his side piece (actually 1 of them as now we are learning through more text messages there are 3 others) still seems to be the main topic even though hes been booted from office and EVICTED from the Manoogian Mansion.Not sure if a mayor anywhere has been EVICTED from the home supplied by the tax-payers!!But no we had to hear all about his plea deal,his hussies refusal to plead guilty to 2 felonies (out of 13) she would get 3 months jail time.But shes to good for jail because shes got small kids!!Well BOO-HOO maybe if you hadnt used the cities monies to buy 2 new homes,fire cops that actually had the nerve to give you a speeding ticket like you were some kind of commoner oh my ,what is the world coming to??But I flipped around the channels finally found a memorial service going on and sat and REMEMBERED that whole day.Im sure everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing that day when it happened.I got up and did my morning ritual of filling food and water bowls of the outdoor cats we feed till we can catch them and spay/neuture and adopt out.Then feed the indoor cats,fill dogs food/water bowls.walk around opening all the blinds,doors,windows.Then around 8:40 sit and turn on CNN and called my monster-in-law to see what kind of night my father -in-law had as he was terminal with bladder/liver cancer at the time.I would find out what his pain level was at,did he have a good night/bad night,and what he wanted me to make.He had gotten to the piont at the end that unless I made it he wouldnt eat it.The DRs loved all the pails of pasta salade and homemade braided rustic bread I would bring with banana breads etc.And I was talking to her and glanced at the T.V screen and saw a plane come around a building hit and I screamed and jumped and asked her what the hell was going on!!??I was trying to be kinda quiet because Chriss had worked midnights and had just gone to sleep.All of a sudden my front door flew open and Scott a 25 yr old that had recently bought the house 2 doors from us came flying in,he was freaking out and didnt want to be alone.For those that dont know we live on the border literally.We are on the river and you could swim to United States from here.And they were saying that our border since its the longest but shortest width was the number one target now because we have thousands of transports from Fords,G.M,and Chryslers that cross each way all day and night.Not including the other business that also cross's.The bridge is about 1.5 miles up from us to the west and the tunnel is about 3/4 of a mile from us but the tunnel and other tunnels from the days of prohibition in the twenties and the freedom tunnel that slaves were snuck through from states to Canada run underneath us and are watched by customs because of people sneaking across or over to states from here.So we were kinda scared by all the army helicopters,coast guard helicopters,also coast guard and army boats in the river.I honestly didnt know until that day that we lived so close to a army base called Southridge Army Base across from us I believe in Southfield.But I remember going up to the school and grabbing my kids thinking I would be the only nutbar there doing so only to turn corner and see line ups around the block of parents that left work to grab their kids.I remember sitting watching all day as CNN ran stories back to back of the families that got phone calls from the loved ones on the planes getting ready to hit in P.A,the families getting calls from loved ones trapped in the towers.The Pentagon being hit and how on that plane a little 5 yr old was on her way to Disney Land for the first time and never got there.The familes that got calls from loved ones saying goodbye knowing they werent gonna be having dinner with them that night.All of the thousands down at ground zero with pics of family members they couldnt find and the CNN reporter was down there and they were mobbing her to get the pics on T.V pleading for people who might see them in hospitals and not know who they are were and the reporter just had a complete meltdown crying on live T.V which then made the reporters inside the studios have a meltdown and of course at home I was already having mine but it showed that the reporters arent cold and dont just go into robot mode with no feelings.And I remember hearing those high pitched screechings for days and not knowing what they were only to find out 2-3 days later they are the fire dept mens alarms,if theres no movement for few minutes the alarms go off to help theyre buddys go in and find them in a fire!!So here were over 300 firemens alarms going off and no matter what theyre buddys couldnt get in and find them because they also were in there waiting to be found!!So yeah I think the world should stop on September 11 and I think it sucks that 7 yrs later its down to a mention on the news,even on Charlie Gibson and the other late night news shows had maybe 5 minutes about it and thats not right.So hopefully we can get our shit together by next yr and demand more respect for those who died and those who lost family & loved ones & those with family and loved ones over there fighting to make a differance and make sure you stop and thank them because if that was your child,father,mother,uncle,neice,nephew whatever/whoever you would want to make sure they are being noticed and thanked!!WHISPER