Friday, August 29, 2008


Please be patient I have never blogged before let alone start one.I am teaching myself as I go (and its very slow lol).I have to read and re-read just to post my own let alone add the items I want to add as I go along.So please be patient and I will add items I hope will help everyone as they go through the grieving process.I decided to go this route after my mom realized last week (something I didnt even notice in mysel) that I was withdrawing from people since I lost my dog I had almost 15 yrs and one of my best friends a hour later to breast cancer.The 2 deaths came 2 days after the 29 yr anniversary of my best friend dying on June 12 2008 the night before our grade 8 graduation,and my best friend Cathy died Aug 1 2007 after only knowing she had pancriatic cancer only weeks before.Also Diedre and Hiedi 2 girls I grew up with in a town at the time we were young under 3000 people,they died Aug 11 2007,Aug 17 2008,and great friend Steve died also of pancritic cancer Nov 7 2007.So needless to say I do realize I have lost many over the last little while i didnt see myself withdrawing from the world until my mom brought it to my attention so I am hoping to add features that can help everyone through theyre hard time,,WHISPER