Monday, September 8, 2008

When We Realize Our Pets Are Getting Older

I received a phone call today from a longtime friend that I talked into getting a cat 16 yrs ago.Mary-Ellen loved pets but worked lots of hours (with me at Maisonville Court Nursing Home) and her sisters cat had kittens so I managed to talk her into it!!Well she never had kids and so "Wendy" became her life.I soon got phone calls 5x a day asking questions,she would put Wendy on the phone(I swear its true).For the last 16 yrs Wendy had found her way into each coversation,from the "you have to keep her for the week i'm going away on union business", to the "no one else can handle her she flips out ,you have to keep her".So along the 16 yrs she has ran that house.So when i saw her name on phone didn't think much of it till I heard her panicked tone explaining Wendy had lost weight and been "bitchier" then normal so she took her into vets.Well Wendy has a Hyper Thyroid and will be on daily meds for the rest of her life and when Mary Ellen realized what came out of her mouth she had a total breakdown.I really didnt think I would be any good to soothe her as I lost my Princess in june and we had her almost 15 yrs and even though the last week we knew we were gonna have to soon make the decision of deciding when it wasnt fair to her.And I never want to wish that on anyone.We went into denial mode feeding her people food ,literally going to McDonalds buying cheese burgers,sitting on the floor feeding tiny pieces for her to eat,buying lunchmeat,pate' anything just like when a childs sick you feed whatever they will eat not caring what it is as long as they are eating something.On Sunday when she wouldnt eat even cheeseburger from her favorite place we knew it was time to make the call so asked everyone to come say their goodbyes then please give us the rest of Sunday alone with her,so we could say ours and just love her up till Monday.Monday morning came and we knew we had to call our vet.And he was so supporting said to bring her when we were ready to put her in the car and bring her to him.So at 1:45 we decided it wasnt fair to her to be like that(im not sure if we really feel that way or are trying to justify to ourselves to the fact your making a choice for her) its a horrible feeling making the call. So we took her and our vet was at his other clinic and would be back in a hour,vet tech asked if we wanted to take her home and bring her back and I said no because if we took her home we wouldnt be bringing her back.So he told his vet tech and us he will rush through what he was doing and get back as soon as possible.He called at least 4x checking to see how we were(we heard Mary Jo s side of conversation).And i'm sorry but I cried non-stop,she asked if we wanted to take her into a room till he got there and I said no,I didnt want her last hour couped up in a tiny room.We took that time for more of our goodbyes.A woman came in to buy advantage flea meds and within 2 minutes she was bawling her head off and had to leave the building and go out to her van for few minutes,Chriss went after her to apologize and she said no problem because she had been in that position before and all 3 vet techs were bawling so I felt so bad but I just couldnt keep it together,I would be fine for few minutes then just have a melt down.We were asked if we would rather just leave her there and Dr.Lutzman would do it as soon as he got there and we said NO WAY.After 15 yrs there was no way we were going to abandon her there like that.So Dr got there we said our good byes again and Chriss took her into room to sit with her and hold her while it was being done.He said she was so calm and was gone before shot was even done.We came home and Chriss had to go do something . I got the news exactly 1 hour later my best friend had died from breast cancer.We had been having a week long vigil bedside at her home instead of passing in hospital.But back to Wendy,Mary Ellen is now in a denial mode that we all go through but she may have many yrs to come .Its like watching a aging parent you see them slow down and react differently to things and then denial sets in.So its a crappy thing in life but everyone ages, including my 12 yr old cat BOBO who had to go to emergency clinic last week because he was constipated(yes I said constipated) older male nuetured cats for some reason get this so just like a old man BOBO now every day must take geriatric stool softner that you have to ask for behind counter at pharmacy!!Because it was emergency clinic we ended up paying almost$ 200.00 for a enema ,for that price they should have bronzed the bowel movement!!But my point is animals grow old and have many of the same problems as old people!! So love them up and spoil them while you have them,and remember Sylvia Browne says that all of our pets are waiting for us when we die so if thats the case I must have my own ranch up there,,WHISPER

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