Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cpl.Andrew Grenon

I am sitting here watching a tribute to the troops and I thought I was doing good keeping my composure until my husband walks into the room and I start bawling.I'm good at that,I can have the worst day in my life hold myself together and my mom will call and as soon as the first word is out of her mouth I bawl!!As soon as I hear her voice I lose it.I was never good at keeping secrets from her as a child because of that lol.But today is about Andrew "Drew" Grenon from Windsor here.He was 10 days away from coming home from Afghanistan from his second tour of duty,and was killed by the Taliban.He recently had been awarded the Medal Of Bravery for saving 2 other soldiers lives.I know compared to the States we haven't lost even close to as many as they have,but I find myself getting insulted when I am sent emails from someone and at the bottom of the email it has a count of soldiers killed.It has American Soldiers killed 4850(or whatever the number is up to),Great Britain (whatever the number is) and then OTHER 98!!I get insulted because we arent "other"we are Canadians over there losing their lives in a war that I still haven't figured out what happened.Bin Laden attacks America,runs to Afghanisatn so Bush sends his American Soldiers to IRAQ and we are sent to look for the bad guy in Afghanistan???I don't get it,,why didn't he send them after the ass that attacked America??So yeah I still have no clue what happened.But I sit here crying because Drew Grenon is our first soldier from Windsor killed and he was 23 yrs old,my Casey is 23 and I'm sorry I'm not strong enough to go through that .I sit and read the paper how his "devastated mother" sits and says she is proud of the way he died.And I believe she is,but I also believe now that his body has been repatriated and services are being set up,when everything is done at end of week she will still be very proud(and she should be) but anger will start to set in and if shes a comp user will come across a email and at the end it will say American Soldiers Killed To Date 4850,Great Britain Soldiers Killed To Date (whatever the number is) and then boom she will see Others Killed To Date 98 and that sucks because her sons not a "other" hes a Canadian Soldier that she probrably sees as a child(I know I still see Casey at 12 or younger) will be angered like I am that for some reason her son was killed because Bush doesn't know where Iraq is or Afghanistan is because if he did maybe they would have caught Bin Laden by now instead of sending all those soldiers to a country that was a horrible mess BUT WAS NONE OF HIS BUSINESS except big daddy Bush didn't get to finish the job before he was voted out of office.So as far as I can see big daddy Bush made sure his "boy" got into office to finish his job for him.And as a closing note I still laugh when I watch a tape that some Canadians did to show Bushs stupidity the reporter put a mike in his face and told Bush to wish our President"PUTIN" a happy birthday and he actually looked into camera and said "we would like to wish Canada's President "PUTIN" A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!Shouldn't you know the names of those you have to be in contact with 24/7??And we have Prime Ministers not Presidents.So he summed it all up in that sentence,without teleprompters to read he hasn't got a clue(and i've seen with teleprompters still hasn't a clue)So please remember all the soldiers killed over there and the ones still fighting and thank them and their families,,WHISPER

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