Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chatroom #3 Friends

I know I said I wanted to move away from the death aspect of this blog a little.But I just seem to get drawn back to it.I got a email last night from my friend Cathy and another today from a friend Mary to let me know a really great lady had passed away from what else CANCER!!I think I have had enough of this Cancer to do me a lifetime and more.Diana found her way into chatroom #3 about 5 yrs ago and she somehow fit from day 1 with her quirks!!We all have them and we all share them along the way but hers were the neatest!She had a new word sent to her each day and she would learn the meaning and use that word all day!She literally kept notebooks by her computer with everyones names,ages,married,divorced,how many kids we had and even my high score at addiction that was her goal to beat still after I had forgotten about it 2 yrs later!!She would sit and chat while she boiled her chicken for the up coming week as soon as Desperate Housewives came on at 9 pm she was gone.She would come back say goodnight.She told every new person that our chatroom was the best one on the net and how we accepted her from day 1 but I think she accepted us,she would tell the new person to make sure it was chatroom #3 they came back to and they normally did.She gave everyone a chance.I would be getting ready to leave work at 6 am and be on comp killing time and she would sign in before she left for work and tell me every morning that she would love to be me and come home to my house full of kittens and cats(from the rescue).She told me that everyday.I know she had pets she loved and kids she adored .It seems that all the good ones are being struck down by this nasty cancer while evil ones go through life free and happy and they dont deserve to.But I guess that just means Steve(Van Gogh),Diana(LawBroad),Kristin,Tribe,and all the ones we have each lost personally(and there are alot)!!Will be there when we get there I guess waiting to beat us at Addiction,beat us at Literati,Slingo or whatever game it was at least they are there with the games set up and ready to go.We have lost alot of roomies over the past couple years and its sad but they arent in pain anymore and are waiting to kick our butts at the games and I know Esther is up there walking my dog princess all the while chasing her idol Dale Earnhardt and talking his ear off lol.So to the right is a link to light a candle if you like or build a web page memorial for pets but you can also build one for friends that have passed,,WHISPER

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