Friday, September 12, 2008

Andrew "Drew" Grenon

I have to commend all the police,firemen,legion members,politicians and the public that lined the 401 highway and over pass's for HUNDREDS of miles holding flags and saluting Andrews hearse (hate that word especially used for a 23 yr old) and his family and friends as they brought his body back to Windsor for burial .When the family arrived in Windsor they found Andrews friends,teachers and family members had a candle light vigil for him at the Peace Fountain here in Windsor and yellow ribbons tied all over the city trees.People were asked to wear school colors (St.Josephs.High School) or military color and bring white candles.I know there have been thousands killed over there but this hit hard here because Windsor is a peaceful city and this is our FIRST and hopefully our last.And to see people come out and support his family just as they did when we lost Windsors first and only police officer killed in the line of duty,to me its amazing how people can pull together at time when needed and makes me wonder why the world doesnt more often,,WHISPER

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