Sunday, August 31, 2008

The New Yuppie Puppy Simple Harness

This new harness is great!!!!!!!!I love it!!Once you fit it,im sure its easier to fit a smaller less hyper dog rather then my 60 lb "puppy" that sees a leash or anything that has a rope like quality to it!!It took 2 of us to adjust it properly only because we had to literally tackle her and then one person feed her treats and hold her down while the other person adjusts the buckle under her chest.And once its done it takes 2 seconds to put on and take off.They come with a chart on the back for easy access to size you will need.Walking them,teaching them to walk with it is really nice also.I hate choker chains and at the vets on friday a guy came in with a boxer and he had whats called a "pincher" collar!!I had never seen one before and let him now what I thought about it and the vets assisitant also let him know,he actually took it off and put a reg collar on she snuck to him for free.So if you are looking for a new leash/harness/collar combo this is a great gift or just buy one for yourself,,WHISPER

Friday, August 29, 2008


Please be patient I have never blogged before let alone start one.I am teaching myself as I go (and its very slow lol).I have to read and re-read just to post my own let alone add the items I want to add as I go along.So please be patient and I will add items I hope will help everyone as they go through the grieving process.I decided to go this route after my mom realized last week (something I didnt even notice in mysel) that I was withdrawing from people since I lost my dog I had almost 15 yrs and one of my best friends a hour later to breast cancer.The 2 deaths came 2 days after the 29 yr anniversary of my best friend dying on June 12 2008 the night before our grade 8 graduation,and my best friend Cathy died Aug 1 2007 after only knowing she had pancriatic cancer only weeks before.Also Diedre and Hiedi 2 girls I grew up with in a town at the time we were young under 3000 people,they died Aug 11 2007,Aug 17 2008,and great friend Steve died also of pancritic cancer Nov 7 2007.So needless to say I do realize I have lost many over the last little while i didnt see myself withdrawing from the world until my mom brought it to my attention so I am hoping to add features that can help everyone through theyre hard time,,WHISPER