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Silver Remembered

A friend of ours(Chriss & I) lost his cat of 20 yrs about a month ago.Jerry and his partner Mel were in pretty bad shape as I was informed by one of his co-workers(Yvonne).He had to miss work and its a horrible thing.I know because as most know we lost 5 in 3 days Oct 2007 and lost our Princess June 2008.I was in the store few times asking if Jerry was working or how he was and Yvonne said he seemed to be getting a bit better as time went on.Then 1 day we asked on our way out of store and she told me he had gotten a tattoo of Silver his cat.So for weeks we didnt see him working and so I couldnt see his tattoo!!FINALLY today we went in for our weekly stocking -up at Walmart and he was working so I told him I wanted to see it on my way out lol.Finally checked out and Jerry and I went into backroom so he could take his shirt off lol and not get caught or in trouble for disrobing at work!!And he gave me pic of Silver he has on key chain and then his tattoo,,I honest to god have to say its the most beautiful tattoo I have seen I am still stunned at the acurracy of the pic ,,its about 8x12 maybe and bold letters spelling Silver in scroll kinda I guess, and the most moving memorial I have seen.We got to know Jerry from our weekly walmart run and 1 day a bunch were joking and Jerry said he gets blue balls all the time lol and from that day on I have called him Smurf and to the ones that weret there that day they have no clue what im talking about when I walked in and said " hi Smurf" and a few weeks ago I walked in and saw he was talking to a man ( a very well dressed man in suit,tie the whole expensive thingy lol).So I figured was a walmart rep from home office and I said "hi Jerry" just to be safe ,didnt want head office giving him shit if it was a big wig wondering what the hell goes on in the store lol.Jerry turned to me and said "why you calling me Jerry and not Smurf" ?? and started laughing so I said "hi Smurf" and laughed walking to get our crap.So now its Smurf no matter whos there lol.My piont is that well cared for animals can live longer then we ever think possible and Jerry and Mel took great care of Silver and though it hurts to lose anyone or anything I can safely say they did a great job with keeping Silver healthy and alive and so let me say to Jerry & Mel "you guys are the perfect example of what good care and love can accomplish I am so sorry about the hurt but I can honestly say it gets easier,,you never forget but it gets easier each day and please adopt another one because there arent enough people like you 2 in the world to look after and raise a healthy,happy ,loved cat and we need more of you guys!!Whisper

What Pets Write In Their Diary

Excerpts from a Dog's Diary...... Dog food! My favorite thing! - A car ride! My favorite thing!9:40 am - A walk in the park! My favorite thing!10:30 am - Got rubbed and petted! My favorite thing!12:00 pm - Lunch! My favorite thing!1:00 pm - Played in the yard! My favorite thing! 3:00 pm- Wagged my tail! My favorite thing!5:00 pm - Milk Bones! My favorite thing!7:00 pm - Got to play ball! My favorite thing!8:00 pm - Wow! Watched TV with the people! My favorite thing!9:00 pm - Sleeping on the bed! My favorite thing!Excerpts from a Cat's Daily Diary...
Day 983 of my captivity...My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets. Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength.The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of escape. In an attempt to disgust them, I once again vomit on the carpet.Today I decapitated a mouse and dropped its headless body at their feet. I had hoped this would strike fear into their hearts, since it clearly demonstrates what I am capable of. However, they merely made condescending comments about what a 'good little hunter' I am. Bastards.There was some sort of assembly of their accomplices tonight. I was placed in solitary confinement for the duration of the event. However, I could hear the noises and smell the food. I overheard that my confinement was due to the power of 'allergies.' I must learn what this means and how to use it to my advantage.Today I was almost successful in an attempt to assassinate one of my tormentors by weaving around his feet as he was walking. I must try this again tomorrow -- but at the top of the stairs.I am convinced that the other prisoners here are flunkies and snitches. The dog receives special privileges. He is regularly released - and seems to be more than willing to return. He is obviously retarded.The bird has got to be an informant. I observe him communicating with the guards regularly. I am certain that he reports my every move. My captors have arranged protective custody for him in an elevated cell, so he is safe. For now ...

Scary thing is I can see Frank sitting at my computer after we all have gone to bed planning his attack for the next day lol,,Aimee'

Friday, November 14, 2008


We just came through a anniversary that I honestly didn't think we would live through.It was 1 yr ago in late Oct that we lost Timmy,Stonee,Bindi,Gracie,and Tess.We lost all 5 in a 5 day period of hell and I honestly didn't think I would live through it.Originally it was thought to be part of the pet food recall that was happening at the time but as I put 2 and 2 together it started to become a bit more clear.At the time there was a guy named Donald Lafrance who had already opened a "pet shop" in Kingsville about 45 miles outside Windsor and he had been shut down for sick and dying animals he was selling.His store was raided and shut down and court cases soon followed.He decided to open up here in Windsor about 6 blocks from my house.I have the rescue as most know and any of my cats aren't outdoor cats EVER.Adoption papers stipulate that also.He would accept adult cats for a fee of 50.00 each and kittens 20.00 each,turn around and sell for triple that amount without any medical care(which wasn't know at the time) and when they became older and unadoptable ones he would literally toss them out the back door.So residents of that immeadiate area soon noticed mega cats in the neighborhood and as a result disease was spread throughout the city actually.Seems kinda crazy but that's exactly what happened.So even though mine were indoor cats ,the disease was on anything outside that cats may touch when they were looking for food/shelter etc.One of my clients has indoor/outdoor cats,and I remember SO CLEARLY now looking at one of her cats sleeping in the kitchen looked exactly like Timmy and I bent down to pet him and that's where it started.Few days later Timmy all of a sudden got sick and took him to dr and was told give him a day and see and he died when I was holding him,he was one of MAMAs babies.And for the next 3 days we lost a total of 5 I honestly cant go into that yet I bawl for hours remembering it.But we were terrified of waking up each day and seeing another one sick.After wracking our brains out for weeks I spoke with John Rushbourne the head of Humane Society and we talked at length and put 2 and 2 together it all added up.They were finally able to shut him down here in Windsor but not before thousands of cats were infected and passed it onto others that then infect more and more etc,etc.Hes looking at jail time now and I heard few days ago he actually opened another one here and was shut down next day by courts.He called himself the Windsor Pet Rescue.I am really sick of people just taking the word" Rescue" and putting it out there when they aren't one.A rescue has vets 24/7 pets are vaccinated/fixed and tested for Feluke and many more diseases.Anyone not making sure all medical tests,vaccinations etc are CAT COLLECTORS(dogs also).This man did so much harm that will now continue for yrs to come,kittens born can carry this diseaes(panluke) for yrs and never show a sign.So please check all med records of any pet you want to adopt and make sure they are legally a rescue and they follow all the laws that go with it or you will be in for a world of heartbreak I know this because I lived through hell and I still panic at times and have become so much more aware of things.Never bring anything in that you see at curbside/alley etc,any outdoor toys(for the dog) stay outside because ANYTHING outdoors can have that hell on it.We are in middle of starting a small memorial in Timmys,Gracies,Stonees,Tess,Bindis memory of a pet blanket that is given to each each person that has to put a anmial down and wants to bury in own yard and even ones that don't,just a reminder that the pet they lost was loved.Blankets are cheap (1.00) with small paw prints all over them and warm fleecy material.We are going to set up donation jars in vets offices,pet stores etc just so we can supply alot of them when needed.Thanx Whisper

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I have been asked this question more times then I can remember,and today was asked 3 xs so I thought it was a good time to set the story straight and be honest about how I feel."How do you feel about feral cats"??"What is your opinion of alley cats"??"What do you feel should be done with feral/alley cats??"No matter which way its spun people all mean the same thing and if they are looking for me to say "catch them and kill them" well they will be very disappionted!!Up until 10 yrs ago Im sure even my husband would say "do what you want" but after what we have witnessed even he wouldnt tell you that and he actually loves telling the story of MAMA!!She changed our lives for the better and let us see that they do love you and they do realize what you do for them.I have been fostering animals for many yrs through T.L.C,Orphaned Kittens Society.I became disillusioned with the way i witnessed funds being spent.I felt if I was gonna be up 18 hours working a smoke filled Bingo to raise money for the animals that needed care(working it free) only to see some pocketing money,buying booze etc then I couldnt support that one.This was after working it for yrs,I decided to open my own (smaller one) and that way I would know where the money went and what it really paid for.So very first one was Snowball( I know how original) actually 3 yrs before i started at TLC.Pure white 100% deaf,100% alley/feral cat.Took awhile to get him to trust us and eventually let us pet him and actually began coming into kitchen very quickly analyze the situation grab treat as fast as a speeding bullet and make it back outside.We kept food/water there for him so I would know he was eating.Eventually he let us hold him etc,,as soon as he was comfortable with us holding,petting etc we placed a ad in paper and he was adopted out 2nd day(this was after he was fixed and shots done) to a great guy that worshipped him.Went on to foster many and when we moved to another house we continued and thats where we got into TLC.Our first foster through them was Princess,a blonde husky,she had been in vets for almost 12 months,treated for both front legs broken,ribs busted,half her tail had to be amputated,1 ear twisted so badly so often it was flopped over couldnt stand up.That experience really shook me and made me lose faith in some humans,we went to that vets to get records and they gave us 15 pages of numerouse repeated abuse long before the last time when she spent almost 12 months.But worse thing is they never contacted anyone to report it AND the papers we picked up ,they had blacked out the persons name,address etc.Because we wanted to press charges and they refused to give us the proper papers,so to me they were all about the money of being paid to them not the dogs best interest so we black listed that vets and contacted every rescue in Windsor,supplied them with the blacked out pages and they all quit using them.Long story short we had her 15 great yrs until she died in June.but back to ferals,when we bought this house 11 yrs ago we noticed right away a cat with 4 baby kittens decided that she was making our porch her home.For years she had litter after litter (we couldnt get near her at all).We took every kitten she had over the yrs and adopted them out I actually have many here as my pets.For 10 years we would walk by and she would hiss and howl at us growling you name it.We made a 6 foot by 4 foot shelterEach time she had a litter she would bring her kittens onto wicker couch and that was her sign to me that she wanted clean bedding in there now that she had her kittens.She did this EVERYTIME she a litter,she had us trained,if her bowls were empty in morning she would be sitting at my door glaring at me through the screen,so I had to rush lol and fill her bowls.Each holiday she got a platter of turkey,ham and all the fixings,every night she sat in same window/screen waiting for her nightly treat(normally cheese or lunch meat or scrambled eggs) lol she loved the eggs.So for many years she made sure to make it known to us that she was boss,we were to fill food/water bowls,adopt her babies out,take baby to vet that may be sick and get treatment etc.So for 10 years she lived on my porch (tried catching to fix but there was no way) she was 1 million percent alley cat with a attitude,and we followed her rules of ,,,take care of my babies,feed me,clean my shelter after I have a litter ,keep eye on my babies and take to vet if any are any sick ones.This went on for all those years no touching and get off my porch!!So last Nov 27st 2007 I was out xmas shopping till about 9 pm and I wrapped the gifts,chatted on comp till almost 3 am.My cat Angel kept coming to me in comp room and tapping my leg and staring at me,I was getting pissed at her and ignoring her because shes a tattle -tail and I thought she was just tattling on someone so I ignored her.About 3 i decided it was bedtime,,walked into my bedroom and saw my usual cats that let me sleep with them!!And I had taken my glass's off and I thought Ellie-Mae really looked different sleeping on Chriss's pillow .So I put them on and couldnt believe what I saw,,MAMA had broken in and found her way to my bed(out of all the rooms she couldve gone into.I froze for a minute wondering "what the hell do I do" walked over to her,she looked up to me and I picked her up and SHE LET ME.So I took her into comp room,went outside to find her 1 baby she had out there brought him in and put in comp room.Chriss got home at 5:30 am and I told him to peek in comp room,he was floored.So next day I decided to put her back out and see what happened.Well when I came through door coming home from store she ripped in behind me and ran up stairs!!So we made comp into her room with her baby and feed her etc.Her personality was unbelievable,took her to vet and he said she was just getting old and didnt have much time left so we brought her back and set upon spoiling her as much as we could till she died.For 2 weeks she wanted to be petted,wanted to sit on lap,,started a game of musical chairs,I ended up having to put another chair in the room and if I was in 1 of them she would come over and weasel her way into that chair so I would move to other one then she wanted that one lol back and forth, and back and forth she started that with Chriss also,so her real personality was great.Wanted on lap 24/7 and we obliged.Then one morning i went in and she was still,I picked her up and wrapped her in blanket and held her as she died.For years I had told people all I wanted to do was bring her in and spoil her and I got to do that,we kept her baby and hes a great cat.So my answer to "how do you feel about alley cats"?I say .dont condem the cats,its the people that do it by moving and leaving behind,tossed out because they peed on something etc,,etc,,we thought for 10 yrs MAMA just wanted her food/water and didnt notice anything that we were doing for her over the yrs.But we were wrong .1) she broke in to have a warm place to die,2) wanted to be sure her baby was in a safe home and 3)this was her way of thanking us and letting us know that she appreciated everything we did for her over the yrs.They (alley cats) do see what you do for them,they do appreciate you feeding them etc for yrs.So next time you see one ripping garbage apart,walking all over your car etc remember they didnt do this ,its a result of some ass tossing them out and they multiplied bigtime.They return the love that you give you.

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Life Is Good,Bliss To You

I turned on the noon news today only to see a new book out by suspense/thriller author Dean Koontz called,"Life Is Good,Bliss To You,Trixies Guide To A Wonderful Life".Turns out I am not the only person who has lost a dog and had a hardtime accepting it after being used to them being around so long.He got Trixie when she was older and she was finished her career as a service dog.According to Dean Koontz he goes to bed at night and wakes up in the morning and has a new chapter written for his book (lol actually its Trixies book),I havent read it yet but its a non-fiction book from Trixies perspective of life and I have included a link at the side of the page that can take you to a site you can find out a bit more about the book.I plan on buying it tomorrow and reading it so I will let you know.WHISPER

Friday, September 12, 2008

Andrew "Drew" Grenon

I have to commend all the police,firemen,legion members,politicians and the public that lined the 401 highway and over pass's for HUNDREDS of miles holding flags and saluting Andrews hearse (hate that word especially used for a 23 yr old) and his family and friends as they brought his body back to Windsor for burial .When the family arrived in Windsor they found Andrews friends,teachers and family members had a candle light vigil for him at the Peace Fountain here in Windsor and yellow ribbons tied all over the city trees.People were asked to wear school colors (St.Josephs.High School) or military color and bring white candles.I know there have been thousands killed over there but this hit hard here because Windsor is a peaceful city and this is our FIRST and hopefully our last.And to see people come out and support his family just as they did when we lost Windsors first and only police officer killed in the line of duty,to me its amazing how people can pull together at time when needed and makes me wonder why the world doesnt more often,,WHISPER

Remembering September 11, 2008-7th Anniversary

I woke up wanting to turn on the T.V and see a few memorials for September 11.But apparently over the years it has gotten forgotten about more and more and thats bullshit.I guess I do think the world should stop on Sept 11!!But for some reason around here the worst mayor in America Kwame Kilpatrick and his side piece (actually 1 of them as now we are learning through more text messages there are 3 others) still seems to be the main topic even though hes been booted from office and EVICTED from the Manoogian Mansion.Not sure if a mayor anywhere has been EVICTED from the home supplied by the tax-payers!!But no we had to hear all about his plea deal,his hussies refusal to plead guilty to 2 felonies (out of 13) she would get 3 months jail time.But shes to good for jail because shes got small kids!!Well BOO-HOO maybe if you hadnt used the cities monies to buy 2 new homes,fire cops that actually had the nerve to give you a speeding ticket like you were some kind of commoner oh my ,what is the world coming to??But I flipped around the channels finally found a memorial service going on and sat and REMEMBERED that whole day.Im sure everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing that day when it happened.I got up and did my morning ritual of filling food and water bowls of the outdoor cats we feed till we can catch them and spay/neuture and adopt out.Then feed the indoor cats,fill dogs food/water bowls.walk around opening all the blinds,doors,windows.Then around 8:40 sit and turn on CNN and called my monster-in-law to see what kind of night my father -in-law had as he was terminal with bladder/liver cancer at the time.I would find out what his pain level was at,did he have a good night/bad night,and what he wanted me to make.He had gotten to the piont at the end that unless I made it he wouldnt eat it.The DRs loved all the pails of pasta salade and homemade braided rustic bread I would bring with banana breads etc.And I was talking to her and glanced at the T.V screen and saw a plane come around a building hit and I screamed and jumped and asked her what the hell was going on!!??I was trying to be kinda quiet because Chriss had worked midnights and had just gone to sleep.All of a sudden my front door flew open and Scott a 25 yr old that had recently bought the house 2 doors from us came flying in,he was freaking out and didnt want to be alone.For those that dont know we live on the border literally.We are on the river and you could swim to United States from here.And they were saying that our border since its the longest but shortest width was the number one target now because we have thousands of transports from Fords,G.M,and Chryslers that cross each way all day and night.Not including the other business that also cross's.The bridge is about 1.5 miles up from us to the west and the tunnel is about 3/4 of a mile from us but the tunnel and other tunnels from the days of prohibition in the twenties and the freedom tunnel that slaves were snuck through from states to Canada run underneath us and are watched by customs because of people sneaking across or over to states from here.So we were kinda scared by all the army helicopters,coast guard helicopters,also coast guard and army boats in the river.I honestly didnt know until that day that we lived so close to a army base called Southridge Army Base across from us I believe in Southfield.But I remember going up to the school and grabbing my kids thinking I would be the only nutbar there doing so only to turn corner and see line ups around the block of parents that left work to grab their kids.I remember sitting watching all day as CNN ran stories back to back of the families that got phone calls from the loved ones on the planes getting ready to hit in P.A,the families getting calls from loved ones trapped in the towers.The Pentagon being hit and how on that plane a little 5 yr old was on her way to Disney Land for the first time and never got there.The familes that got calls from loved ones saying goodbye knowing they werent gonna be having dinner with them that night.All of the thousands down at ground zero with pics of family members they couldnt find and the CNN reporter was down there and they were mobbing her to get the pics on T.V pleading for people who might see them in hospitals and not know who they are were and the reporter just had a complete meltdown crying on live T.V which then made the reporters inside the studios have a meltdown and of course at home I was already having mine but it showed that the reporters arent cold and dont just go into robot mode with no feelings.And I remember hearing those high pitched screechings for days and not knowing what they were only to find out 2-3 days later they are the fire dept mens alarms,if theres no movement for few minutes the alarms go off to help theyre buddys go in and find them in a fire!!So here were over 300 firemens alarms going off and no matter what theyre buddys couldnt get in and find them because they also were in there waiting to be found!!So yeah I think the world should stop on September 11 and I think it sucks that 7 yrs later its down to a mention on the news,even on Charlie Gibson and the other late night news shows had maybe 5 minutes about it and thats not right.So hopefully we can get our shit together by next yr and demand more respect for those who died and those who lost family & loved ones & those with family and loved ones over there fighting to make a differance and make sure you stop and thank them because if that was your child,father,mother,uncle,neice,nephew whatever/whoever you would want to make sure they are being noticed and thanked!!WHISPER

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rest In Peace "Andrew "Drew" Grenon & Thank You


Rest In Peace "Drew" and Thank-you

Monday, September 8, 2008

When We Realize Our Pets Are Getting Older

I received a phone call today from a longtime friend that I talked into getting a cat 16 yrs ago.Mary-Ellen loved pets but worked lots of hours (with me at Maisonville Court Nursing Home) and her sisters cat had kittens so I managed to talk her into it!!Well she never had kids and so "Wendy" became her life.I soon got phone calls 5x a day asking questions,she would put Wendy on the phone(I swear its true).For the last 16 yrs Wendy had found her way into each coversation,from the "you have to keep her for the week i'm going away on union business", to the "no one else can handle her she flips out ,you have to keep her".So along the 16 yrs she has ran that house.So when i saw her name on phone didn't think much of it till I heard her panicked tone explaining Wendy had lost weight and been "bitchier" then normal so she took her into vets.Well Wendy has a Hyper Thyroid and will be on daily meds for the rest of her life and when Mary Ellen realized what came out of her mouth she had a total breakdown.I really didnt think I would be any good to soothe her as I lost my Princess in june and we had her almost 15 yrs and even though the last week we knew we were gonna have to soon make the decision of deciding when it wasnt fair to her.And I never want to wish that on anyone.We went into denial mode feeding her people food ,literally going to McDonalds buying cheese burgers,sitting on the floor feeding tiny pieces for her to eat,buying lunchmeat,pate' anything just like when a childs sick you feed whatever they will eat not caring what it is as long as they are eating something.On Sunday when she wouldnt eat even cheeseburger from her favorite place we knew it was time to make the call so asked everyone to come say their goodbyes then please give us the rest of Sunday alone with her,so we could say ours and just love her up till Monday.Monday morning came and we knew we had to call our vet.And he was so supporting said to bring her when we were ready to put her in the car and bring her to him.So at 1:45 we decided it wasnt fair to her to be like that(im not sure if we really feel that way or are trying to justify to ourselves to the fact your making a choice for her) its a horrible feeling making the call. So we took her and our vet was at his other clinic and would be back in a hour,vet tech asked if we wanted to take her home and bring her back and I said no because if we took her home we wouldnt be bringing her back.So he told his vet tech and us he will rush through what he was doing and get back as soon as possible.He called at least 4x checking to see how we were(we heard Mary Jo s side of conversation).And i'm sorry but I cried non-stop,she asked if we wanted to take her into a room till he got there and I said no,I didnt want her last hour couped up in a tiny room.We took that time for more of our goodbyes.A woman came in to buy advantage flea meds and within 2 minutes she was bawling her head off and had to leave the building and go out to her van for few minutes,Chriss went after her to apologize and she said no problem because she had been in that position before and all 3 vet techs were bawling so I felt so bad but I just couldnt keep it together,I would be fine for few minutes then just have a melt down.We were asked if we would rather just leave her there and Dr.Lutzman would do it as soon as he got there and we said NO WAY.After 15 yrs there was no way we were going to abandon her there like that.So Dr got there we said our good byes again and Chriss took her into room to sit with her and hold her while it was being done.He said she was so calm and was gone before shot was even done.We came home and Chriss had to go do something . I got the news exactly 1 hour later my best friend had died from breast cancer.We had been having a week long vigil bedside at her home instead of passing in hospital.But back to Wendy,Mary Ellen is now in a denial mode that we all go through but she may have many yrs to come .Its like watching a aging parent you see them slow down and react differently to things and then denial sets in.So its a crappy thing in life but everyone ages, including my 12 yr old cat BOBO who had to go to emergency clinic last week because he was constipated(yes I said constipated) older male nuetured cats for some reason get this so just like a old man BOBO now every day must take geriatric stool softner that you have to ask for behind counter at pharmacy!!Because it was emergency clinic we ended up paying almost$ 200.00 for a enema ,for that price they should have bronzed the bowel movement!!But my point is animals grow old and have many of the same problems as old people!! So love them up and spoil them while you have them,and remember Sylvia Browne says that all of our pets are waiting for us when we die so if thats the case I must have my own ranch up there,,WHISPER

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cpl.Andrew Grenon

I am sitting here watching a tribute to the troops and I thought I was doing good keeping my composure until my husband walks into the room and I start bawling.I'm good at that,I can have the worst day in my life hold myself together and my mom will call and as soon as the first word is out of her mouth I bawl!!As soon as I hear her voice I lose it.I was never good at keeping secrets from her as a child because of that lol.But today is about Andrew "Drew" Grenon from Windsor here.He was 10 days away from coming home from Afghanistan from his second tour of duty,and was killed by the Taliban.He recently had been awarded the Medal Of Bravery for saving 2 other soldiers lives.I know compared to the States we haven't lost even close to as many as they have,but I find myself getting insulted when I am sent emails from someone and at the bottom of the email it has a count of soldiers killed.It has American Soldiers killed 4850(or whatever the number is up to),Great Britain (whatever the number is) and then OTHER 98!!I get insulted because we arent "other"we are Canadians over there losing their lives in a war that I still haven't figured out what happened.Bin Laden attacks America,runs to Afghanisatn so Bush sends his American Soldiers to IRAQ and we are sent to look for the bad guy in Afghanistan???I don't get it,,why didn't he send them after the ass that attacked America??So yeah I still have no clue what happened.But I sit here crying because Drew Grenon is our first soldier from Windsor killed and he was 23 yrs old,my Casey is 23 and I'm sorry I'm not strong enough to go through that .I sit and read the paper how his "devastated mother" sits and says she is proud of the way he died.And I believe she is,but I also believe now that his body has been repatriated and services are being set up,when everything is done at end of week she will still be very proud(and she should be) but anger will start to set in and if shes a comp user will come across a email and at the end it will say American Soldiers Killed To Date 4850,Great Britain Soldiers Killed To Date (whatever the number is) and then boom she will see Others Killed To Date 98 and that sucks because her sons not a "other" hes a Canadian Soldier that she probrably sees as a child(I know I still see Casey at 12 or younger) will be angered like I am that for some reason her son was killed because Bush doesn't know where Iraq is or Afghanistan is because if he did maybe they would have caught Bin Laden by now instead of sending all those soldiers to a country that was a horrible mess BUT WAS NONE OF HIS BUSINESS except big daddy Bush didn't get to finish the job before he was voted out of office.So as far as I can see big daddy Bush made sure his "boy" got into office to finish his job for him.And as a closing note I still laugh when I watch a tape that some Canadians did to show Bushs stupidity the reporter put a mike in his face and told Bush to wish our President"PUTIN" a happy birthday and he actually looked into camera and said "we would like to wish Canada's President "PUTIN" A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!Shouldn't you know the names of those you have to be in contact with 24/7??And we have Prime Ministers not Presidents.So he summed it all up in that sentence,without teleprompters to read he hasn't got a clue(and i've seen with teleprompters still hasn't a clue)So please remember all the soldiers killed over there and the ones still fighting and thank them and their families,,WHISPER

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chatroom #3 Friends

I know I said I wanted to move away from the death aspect of this blog a little.But I just seem to get drawn back to it.I got a email last night from my friend Cathy and another today from a friend Mary to let me know a really great lady had passed away from what else CANCER!!I think I have had enough of this Cancer to do me a lifetime and more.Diana found her way into chatroom #3 about 5 yrs ago and she somehow fit from day 1 with her quirks!!We all have them and we all share them along the way but hers were the neatest!She had a new word sent to her each day and she would learn the meaning and use that word all day!She literally kept notebooks by her computer with everyones names,ages,married,divorced,how many kids we had and even my high score at addiction that was her goal to beat still after I had forgotten about it 2 yrs later!!She would sit and chat while she boiled her chicken for the up coming week as soon as Desperate Housewives came on at 9 pm she was gone.She would come back say goodnight.She told every new person that our chatroom was the best one on the net and how we accepted her from day 1 but I think she accepted us,she would tell the new person to make sure it was chatroom #3 they came back to and they normally did.She gave everyone a chance.I would be getting ready to leave work at 6 am and be on comp killing time and she would sign in before she left for work and tell me every morning that she would love to be me and come home to my house full of kittens and cats(from the rescue).She told me that everyday.I know she had pets she loved and kids she adored .It seems that all the good ones are being struck down by this nasty cancer while evil ones go through life free and happy and they dont deserve to.But I guess that just means Steve(Van Gogh),Diana(LawBroad),Kristin,Tribe,and all the ones we have each lost personally(and there are alot)!!Will be there when we get there I guess waiting to beat us at Addiction,beat us at Literati,Slingo or whatever game it was at least they are there with the games set up and ready to go.We have lost alot of roomies over the past couple years and its sad but they arent in pain anymore and are waiting to kick our butts at the games and I know Esther is up there walking my dog princess all the while chasing her idol Dale Earnhardt and talking his ear off lol.So to the right is a link to light a candle if you like or build a web page memorial for pets but you can also build one for friends that have passed,,WHISPER

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The New Yuppie Puppy Simple Harness

This new harness is great!!!!!!!!I love it!!Once you fit it,im sure its easier to fit a smaller less hyper dog rather then my 60 lb "puppy" that sees a leash or anything that has a rope like quality to it!!It took 2 of us to adjust it properly only because we had to literally tackle her and then one person feed her treats and hold her down while the other person adjusts the buckle under her chest.And once its done it takes 2 seconds to put on and take off.They come with a chart on the back for easy access to size you will need.Walking them,teaching them to walk with it is really nice also.I hate choker chains and at the vets on friday a guy came in with a boxer and he had whats called a "pincher" collar!!I had never seen one before and let him now what I thought about it and the vets assisitant also let him know,he actually took it off and put a reg collar on she snuck to him for free.So if you are looking for a new leash/harness/collar combo this is a great gift or just buy one for yourself,,WHISPER

Friday, August 29, 2008


Please be patient I have never blogged before let alone start one.I am teaching myself as I go (and its very slow lol).I have to read and re-read just to post my own let alone add the items I want to add as I go along.So please be patient and I will add items I hope will help everyone as they go through the grieving process.I decided to go this route after my mom realized last week (something I didnt even notice in mysel) that I was withdrawing from people since I lost my dog I had almost 15 yrs and one of my best friends a hour later to breast cancer.The 2 deaths came 2 days after the 29 yr anniversary of my best friend dying on June 12 2008 the night before our grade 8 graduation,and my best friend Cathy died Aug 1 2007 after only knowing she had pancriatic cancer only weeks before.Also Diedre and Hiedi 2 girls I grew up with in a town at the time we were young under 3000 people,they died Aug 11 2007,Aug 17 2008,and great friend Steve died also of pancritic cancer Nov 7 2007.So needless to say I do realize I have lost many over the last little while i didnt see myself withdrawing from the world until my mom brought it to my attention so I am hoping to add features that can help everyone through theyre hard time,,WHISPER